Good Corporate Governance

The Guidelines of good corporate governance is one of the efforts to improve corporate performance by implementing good corporate governance by promoting the principle – the principle of openness (Transparency), Accountability (Accountability), Responsibility (Responsibility), impartiality (Independent), Fairness and Equality (Fairness). Guidelines for good corporate governance is a guideline for all beings company in making decisions and execute actions to be based on high moral, compliance with applicable legislation and awareness of the social responsibility of the company to interested parties (stakeholders) consistently.

Guidelines for Good Corporate Governance aims to maximize the performance and value of the company for shareholders and improve the management of the company in a professional, transparent, efficient, and encourage the empowerment of function and independence General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors. Hopefully with these guidelines may improve the company`s competitiveness nationally and internationally so as to enhance market confidence which could encourage investment and sustainable economic growth.