Prior to the establishment of a business entity, dredging activities are only one of the functions of the Government under the Port Bureau providing services in the field of dredging. With the establishment of business entity “PN Pelabuhan” as stipulated in the Presidential Regulation dated May 19, 1964 on the Guiding and Administration of Ports and Sailing Areas, dredging service functions began to be diverted into one of the duties of the PN Port of Is / dIX.

This condition lasted until the beginning of Repelita I in 1969 and finally the Government issued a policy by classifying the form of business entities into 3 (three) forms namely Bureau Company (Perjan), Public Company (Perum) and Limited Liability Company (Persero). While awaiting the determination of the form of business, the Government issued Government Regulation No. 1 of 1969, that PN. Port I to IX is declared in liquidation status and under the Port Agency of Management (BPP), led by the Port Administrator (Adpel). In BPP’s container and under Adpel’s leadership there was a reorganization, where the Dredging Unit was made into Dredging Division in line with other divisions such as Business Division, Engineering Division and Finance Division.

After 14 (fourteen) years in liquidation status, the Government issued Government Regulation No. 18/1983, dated April 30, 1983 on Port Development where PN. Port I to IX is reorganized into 5 (five) Public Companies (Perum), namely: Perum Pelabuhan I s / d IV and Perum Pengerukan.

With the success of the company and after various considerations and judgments, on October 1, 1991 the Government issued Government Regulation No. 9 of 1991 on the Transfer of Form of Public Company (Perum) Dredging into Limited Liability Company (Persero) established based on Deed of Establishment No. 2 of 1991 dated October 1, 1991 made before Notary Substitute Achmad Bajumi, SH

In the framework of Restructuring of PT Pengerukan Indonesia (Persero), on June 5, 2013, the Government shall issue Government Regulation Number 44 of 2013 concerning the Addition of State Equity Participation of the Republic of Indonesia into the Company’s Share Capital (Persero) PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II resulting in the transfer of shareholders of PT The Indonesian Dredging from the Government to PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) and the status of PT Pengerukan Indonesia are subject to Law Number 40 Year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company, which is further set forth in the Deed of Establishment No. 5 dated March 19, 2014.

PT Pengerukan Indonesia is a company engaged in the supply of dredging services and shipyard whose shares are 99.9% owned by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) and 0.1% owned by PT Pelembang Indonesia Developer. As a subsidiary engaged in dredging, reclamation and shipyard services, the existence of PT Pengerukan Indonesia can support the smooth maintenance of shipping lanes, port pools, and repair of tugboat vessels within PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero). For more details can be explained business field PT Pengerukan Indonesia as follows:

Dredging of cruise lines, harbor pools and other locations requiring dredging services;
Reclamation, transportation of dredges, procurement / development of land and buildings;
Civil engineering works related to dredging, reclamation, land and building development;
Consultancy services related to dredging, reclamation, land development;
Hydrographic and tpographic surveys and soil investigation;
Shipping and dredging services for the repair, maintenance, development of dredgers and their auxiliaries and other ships for their own business as well as for other parties and the provision of facilities to support dredging and reclamation business;
Activities of concession (concession) and sand mining;
Rental business of production equipment, production support facilities and crewing / shipbuilding vessel.