Definition of Reclamation.

According to the linguistic sense, reclamation comes from a vocabulary in English, to reclaim 
which means to fix something that is broken. Specifically in the English-Indonesian Dictionary 
published by PT. Gramedia mentioned the meaning of reclaim as making the land (from the sea). 
Still in the same dictionary, the meaning of the word reclamation is translated as the work of
acquiring the land.

While the scientific understanding in the realm of engineering science beach, reclamation is 
a job / effort to use the area or land that is relatively useless or still empty and watery 
into useful land by drying. For example in coastal areas, swamp areas, offshore / in the sea, 
in the middle of a wide river, or in the lake.

Goals of Reclamation.

In accordance with its definition, the main objective of reclamation is to make the damaged or 
useless waters better and more beneficial. The new area, usually used for residential areas, 
industry, business and shops, agriculture, and tourist attractions.